Board of Directors and Management Committee Members

We are a Company Limited by Guarantee with a Board of Directors who are all unpaid, and a Management Committee who are responsible for approving our policies and strategies. Current members are:

  • Tom Lambie – Chair/Director
  • Jane Young – Vice Chair/Director
  • Elspeth Irvine – Company Secretary/Director
  • Helen Stewart – Director
  • Jimmy Dunn – Management Committee
  • Alyson Black – Management Committee
  • Jaccie Eddie – Management Committee
  • Bill Knox – Management Committee
  • Bill Palombo – Bureau Manager

Grangemouth & Bo’ness CAB – Key Objectives 2016-2019

  1. The CAB will comply with its 12 principles.
  2. The CAB will provide a quality service covering advice, information and assistance to the citizens of the Falkirk Council Area.
  3. The CAB will, as part of it’s generalist service provision, work with Falkirk Council and other appropriate partners to further the aims of Falkirk Council Anti-Poverty Strategy.
  4. The CAB will demonstrate a commitment to implementing, responding to and influencing social policy at a local and national level and endeavour to provide resources for identifying and combating poverty.
  5. The CAB will demonstrate a willingness to work with the Bureaux in the Forth Valley area to ensure the optimisation of resources through the development of joint initiatives; likewise with community organisations and the local community.
  6. The CAB will ensure that its staff and resources are managed and developed effectively and that it is governed by an active Board of Directors as a registered charity through a written constitution.
  7. The CAB will continue to seek to develop special projects which will provide added value to the community it serves.
  8. The CAB will promote its services throughout the community it serves.