Social policy

Explaining social policy

  • Read about social policy on the Citizens Advice Scotland website
  • Learn about the most recent advice trends in Scotland that raise issues about where UK, Scottish and local policy and practice isn’t working.

Involvement in social policy

We are actively involved in shaping social policy through promoting, influencing and participating in:

  • Development work associated with poverty and social exclusion
  • Social Policy feedback, both locally and nationally
  • Partnership working with statutory, voluntary and other agencies
  • Local and national initiatives which impact on peoples lives
  • Initiatives which provide basic help or support to people who do not have the essential resources to live

Grangemouth and Bo’ness statistics

We had 3807 clients in 2015/16 who raised 8798 enquiries.

From these enquiries, the top 3 topics were:

  1. Welfare Benefits 47%
  2. Debt 19%
  3. Employment Law 6%